Snake River Bull Test LLC
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Our Mission

Improve and expand America’s beef industry by providing seedstock producers an opportunity to performance test and market their superior genetics.

Snake River Bull Test Sale Catalog - 2016

How does the Snake River Bull Test select the best bulls?

The Snake River Bull Test is designed to select bulls that excel in the three profit-driven traits:

1. Growth

2. Maternal

3. Carcass

Bulls have been indexed in each category. Bulls with an index greater than 100 performed better than average, while bulls with an index less than 100 performed below average in that area.

The “SRBT Index” combines the three indexes to allow selection of bulls that excel in all three areas – “The Balanced Bulls.” If you are looking for a bull that excels in one area you can use either the growth, maternal, or carcass indexes to help in your selection.

The diagram below shows how the SRBT Index is calculated